The Magnitude Programme has been designed, based on Magnitude’s research to date, to deliver many of the tools necessary for its scholars to become leaders in their chosen fields and to go on to make substantial contributions to mankind.

Key Elements

Under the Magnitude Programme, each scholar will receive financial support for the whole duration of their undergraduate study, along with a mentor and leadership development training, as detailed below.

The ongoing provision of funds and services will be subject to students meeting their academic requirements, attending the mentoring and leadership training sessions and dedicating a proportion of their time in a voluntary capacity to important projects.


Magnitude will match each student to an appropriate mentor who has relevant expertise in their chosen field and who can assist the scholar with achieving academic success, with finding and participating in voluntary work and with taking appropriate steps to exploring and progressing their future careers.

Leadership Development

Our research has led us to conclude that Leadership Development is of enormous benefit to a young person especially at this important transition in their life as they leave school to begin their university degree. It can be an effective tool for people to discover where their true interests lie and in acquiring all the skills they need to flourish, to work with and influence others so that they can contribute something meaningful in their field.

Voluntary Initiatives

Every Magnitude scholar will be expected to dedicate a proportion of their time in a voluntary capacity to important projects in their field. Magnitude will assist them in this process.